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Whether you're a new start-up business in California or a season benefits professional, Worker's Comp in California is an important concern to successfully protect your business without straining your budget.  In a nutshell, that's our goal.  We want to help your company find the best rates for California Worker's Comp that will not only protect you from risk but avoid over-paying for coverage that's either not needed or excessive in coverage or price.  The cost for California Worker's Comp is identical through us versus any other avenue but by quoting your company's unique demographics and history to multiple carriers, we are able to get you the best coverage at the best rate.  That's our goal and it's our job so let's get started.  First, what is Worker's Comp and why does it matter to your company?

It's the Law for California Companies

California Worker's Comp coverage is required in the State if you have employees.  It's important to understand that first.  Other California company benefits such as health are generally not mandated or required but Worker's Comp is.  California Worker's Comp is designed to address the risk of injury or disability on the job for your company's employees.   What can happen if you don't have a Worker's Comp California coverage?  The greatest risk is that you are liable for medical and other expenses associated with an employee's job-related illness and/or disabilities.   In today's world, this can run $1,000 or 10's of $1,000s.  For a small business, it can be ruinous and even for a larger business, it runs the risk of severely impacting financial stability not to mention other legal ramifications and punitive effects.  So how we address these concerns for the lowest possible expense?

You need a third party advocate to find the best value

This is where you need an aggressive California Worker's Comp agent to search the market among various strong carriers.  There's always State Fund which is the California Worker's Comp insurer of last resort for companies that are unable to qualify with private carriers but that's just the start of the process.  We also take your company's information and quote across a minimum number of carriers to make sure you getting the best rate.  Based on our experience with business types and California Worker's Comp history, we can quote the carriers most likely to offer you a competitive offer.  This process of cross-quoting multiple carriers is essential with California Worker's Comp since the benefits are fairly streamlined.  As we mentioned before, there is no cost to use our service and our rate guarantee for any particular carrier stands strong in the industry. 

After the Workers Comp Quote, Service Starts

Worker's Comp in California is not just about quoting however and this is where we excel.  Once you have the policy in effect, we are your agent, a third party, who can help you with membership issues, renewals, and most the market to make sure you continue to have the best rate.  Things change both within your company and within the California Worker's Comp marketplace.  Let us marry the two to make sure you're still getting the lowest available rate for solid coverage.  We want to be your partner in California Worker's Comp and take that headache off your to-do list.  After all, you have a business to run.  Ours is your benefits and budgetary sound health.

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