Workers Comp Renewal for California Companies

California Workers Comp renewal is an important time for most companies.  With today's marketplace and process, there's no excuse for just staying put with your same old company and coverage.  Unlike most other types of California business insurance underwriting processes, Worker's Comp is relatively fast and easy.  Let's take a look at Worker's Comp renewal for California companies.

First, a contrast with Group health insurance.  As much as we may dislike the annual rate increase from our group health carrier, it's no easy task to apply and enroll for new group health insurance in California.  Each employee needs to submit applications and the benefits are as varied as the needs of the employees.  There's a real cognitive barrier to making changes at group renewal.  Worker's Comp in California couldn't be more different.  First of all, the benefits are standardized for the most part.  In most situations, we're trying to address the core requirements set down by State law and/or contractor requirements.  This makes plan comparison relatively easy since the decision now comes down to cost and carrier strength. 

The next piece that makes quoting and shopping at renewal easier is the standardized ACORD 130 form which allows for one form to completed and shopped out to multiple carriers.  In most other types of commercial insurance, each carrier has its own set of forms and peculiarities.  It's untenable to apply for multiple carriers in that respect.  The ACORD 130 form eliminates this barrier for California Worker's Comp and makes renewal quite a bit easier for your company.  So what should we do and how do we begin?

First, put together the basic information that is needed to successfully complete the Worker's Comp California quote form.  This generally means your payroll, claims experience, and employee profile (# of employees, locations, job description, etc).  You can take a look at the needed information in detail with our California Workers Comp quote form.  This is all that is needed to quote for most companies.  Next, go ahead and complete the quote form from  The form is available on every page.  It's best to request just a quote as opposed to securing the actual coverage.  Workers Comp is different from group health in that the response from the carrier in most cases will be an offer of coverage at a certain amount of premium.  The back and forth of underwriting that group health involves is largely missing (luckily) from Workers Comp in California.  Requesting the quote as opposed to actual coverage issuance or binding gives you more flexibility to choose the best offer. 

There may be situations where you actually want the coverage issued immediately and this typically results from a time issue, meaning that we need coverage proof as fast as possible.  If you know that you will only be able to qualify for State Fund based on age of your company and/or claims experience, business type, then it makes sense to just have the carrier issue the coverage as opposed to just requesting a quote.  In that case, we know that they are the only insurer we can qualify for.  Of course, we will help you investigate whether private carriers (with better rates) might be available for your particular situation.

Renewal provides you a chance to 1) make sure your census information is current and 2) make sure you are getting the best possible California Worker's Comp coverage for the upcoming year.  Let us help you with the process.

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