How to Start Workers Compensation Insurance in California

If you've taken the leap recently to start out on your own and open a new business you're inundated with the chore of getting your company off the launch pad.  Beyond acquiring office space, capital equipment, and attracting the best employee talent available you probably had no idea as to how one would acquire workers' compensation insurance.    At we are here to help and make your life simpler so you can get back to the business of getting your company off the ground.  Here are  some great tips on how to start Workers' Compensation insurance in California.

Identify who you have to insure                              

First tabulate the number of employees eligible for your coverage.  Remember this is not just as simple as all of your w2 payroll employees.  1099 Contractors can be required for workers' compensation coverage in many situations.  Also, you'll be happy to know that owners of the company typically do not have to insure themselves.

Split up the compensation amounts by job type

Next, you are going to have to determine out of the employee compensation, titled 'remuneration' on the quote form, how much money per employee job type, duties or description are allocate per job classification.  Here's the slightly tricky part.. you will have to determine by a classification code you assign these amounts.  If you need assistance determining which job classification code to use it is better to ask us rather than guessing.  Using a risky code by mistake could be costly to the premiums.

Get started on your quote form

There is a standard form to request a workers' compensation quote, and it is typically much easier to complete than the form appears.  To make it simple, we've highlighted just the fields we absolutely need in yellow to request your quotes.  That way you are actually just filling out a piece of the form.  What could be easier?  Access the Workers Comp Quote form.

Don't wait to get this done

This is not a situation which gets better putting it off with time.  The State of CA law requires you to get the coverage, and the insurance carriers will mandate that you do not go uninsured prior to getting an approval with them.  So, the longer you wait the more difficult, expensive and risky the situation gets.  Operating a business without workers' compensation insurance is a serious situation.  You have a very short period of time as a startup company to submit your application for coverage so get it done today!

There is always a path!

Don't delay if you think you are a high risk due to the industry your company operates, or if you have complexities to deal with like operations in other states or foreign employees coming and going.  Even if you've had a cancellation in coverage the best path is to quickly jump on your project and get to work.  The State of California mandates the coverage for all business, therefore it uses the Stand Fund to compete and insure companies where the private market won't.


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