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Worker's comp in California is pretty streamlined in terms of benefits.  It's not like group health insurance where you need to go through reams of benefits with various copays, deductibles, and enough jargon to make an accountant glaze over.  California Workers Comp is pretty straight forward in that it's liability insurance much like your car insurance but in this case, it's designed to protect a company from the liability associated with employees being injured or disabled on the job.  Since the benefit is pretty commoditized across the market, that leaves price as a critical (in most companies' view, the most critical) concern when choosing a California Worker's Comp carrier and rate.  So how do we go about finding the best Worker's Comp rate?  We're glad you asked.

The first consideration is whether you can qualify for Workers Comp on the California private market.  In California, we really have to distinct "venues" for Worker's Comp.  First, there's California State Fund which is a State administered provider of coverage with guaranteed issue status.  This means that a company cannot be declined due to either a lack of worker's comp experience or a history of poor history.  The type of business can also figure into this equation but ultimately, know that you do have a guaranteed issue option through California State Fund.  The trade-off (as with all things guaranteed issue as health insurance is about to find out) is that's it's more expensive.  Think of State Fund as our Worker's Comp insurer of last resort.  We'll go there if we have to.  The other venue is through private carriers.  Private California Worker's Comp carriers will offer better pricing but they are also more stringent in who they will accept.  They generally want to see a certain number of years Workers Comp history and low to no claims history at that.  They will generally not insure certain types of businesses at all so if your putting up roofs or testing dynamite, private Worker's Comp might be dead end.  We'll be able to help you investigate these options when we look at you instant quote form for California Workers Comp or walk through the options with you on the phone or by email.

Once we've determined what track we'll need to go on (State Fund or private carriers), we can then start the process of quoting the marketplace.  If State Fund, the rates are what they are and you'll get not only the best California State Fund rate for your company available but with the advocacy of a 3rd party when dealing with them.  Keep in mind that essentially, they are a State entity much like the DMV so you'll want a 3rd party to help you navigate their process/system.  The private carriers are altogether different.  If you may be eligible for private coverage, we'll shop your company to multiple California Workers Comp carriers to see who comes back with the best rate.  The for (called ACORD) is standardized so you only need to complete one form and we'll do the rest of the heavy lifting.  Again, since the benefits are fairly standardized, it becomes a question of which carrier comes back with the best rate among solid carriers with a strong track record to actually provide the coverage they purport to if and when a workplace incident occurs.

There may even be special tie-ins where we can lower not only your Worker's Comp rate but your group health insurance as well which can be a much bigger savings than the Worker's Comp alone.  Many companies are not aware of this potential savings which can result in thousands of dollars saved.  We'll investigate this option for you as well.  Again, the rates are identical through us versus the carriers direct or through another carrier so let's us get to work on finding you the best California Worker's Comp. 

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