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You have questions.  We have answers and also the best California Worker's Comp rates available on the market.  Our main focus is that you have a licensed and experienced 3rd party resource on your side when navigating the California Worker's Comp marketplace.  You do not need to entertain the process on your own and we know Worker's Comp coverage is only a small part of your workday.  To earn your business, we've built our services around making the shopping (and it is shopping these days in order to get the best rate for your company) Workers Comp in California fast, easy, and hassle free.  Let's look at common reasons to contact us in light of our goals.

Running your California Worker's Comp quote.

One form and about 10 minutes (if you're a slower typer) is all we need to start the quoting process.  It's that easy and this is the majority of why people contact us online.  With one standardized form, we'll quickly shop out your company's Workers Comp to multiple strong carriers which are tailored to your type of company and it's needs.  There are no employee forms and for some types of businesses, supplemental forms may be needed but a vast majority of the carriers can quote (and actually issue a policy or approve coverage) based on a quick 10 minute form.  Unlike most other types of forms for California business insurance, it's pretty straight forward and you can check it out here.  That's generally the first point of contact with us and it's a logical place to start since most company's are interested in reducing their expenses as the dominant goal.  You can either call us to give this information so we can run a quote or just complete our California Worker's Comp Quick Quote form.  Either way, we'll get information to you generally in 48 hours unless additional info is needed by the carrier.

Once your quote and application are in process, we'll work with you to expedite processing and make sure it's a smooth process with the focus on communication.  We checks status throughout the day and will make sure to keep you in the loop but feel free to contact us anytime by phone or email for a status update.  Once the policy is issued for your desired California's Workers Comp coverage and rate, we continue to be your 3rd party point of contact for policy roll-out, communication, and claims issue that arise during the life of the policy.  Our focus is on worksite risk management so that the Worker's Comp insurance becomes a non-issue with the motto that the best Worker's Comp claim is the one that is avoided with proper worksite safety and communication.  This also figures into your ability to keep future California Workers Comp insurance costs down to a minimum so it's an investment in the future with direct financial implications  We're also there as a partner along preventative lines as well as claims.

Finally, feel free to contact us at renewal time to make sure you have the best Workers Comp rates and coverage for your company.  Things changes and that definitely holds true for this marketplace.  Your company's claims experience may have changed (hopefully for the better with our guidance on risk prevention) or you have more time under your company's belt where you can start to investigate more cost-effective private carrier coverage.  Either way, it's time to start the process back up full-cycle and again, we can do with the California Workers Comp quick quote form.   Feel free to contact us any questions during the cycle.  We're here to help you as licensed Workers Comp California agents. 

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