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We spend most of the day on the phone.  It's almost an extension of ourselves by the time we leave the office.  Our trained California Worker's Comp agents pride themselves as the lifeline for California Business, both large and small, to not only understand how California Worker's Comp works, but to find the best available rate for their companies so they can put their resources to the business at hand....their business!  Worker's Comp in California is mandatory but that doesn't make the purchase easy for business who would rather put that expense towards lumber, office supplies, real estate signs or whatever you use to drive your business forward.  Our job to minimize the Worker's Comp expense to best possible case while still providing you with the safety of protection it's designed to offer.  That's what we.  That's why we're on the phone most hours of the day when we're not running tailored CA worker's comp quotes across multiple carriers free of charge for you.  Let's take a closer look at who we are and what we can do for your California business...before another call comes in.

First, we're licensed California Worker's Comp insurance agents with years in the California insurance business benefits market.  This is important.  Every State is different if you've managed business operations in California, you know it's more different than most.  The rules and regulations not to mention the potential workplace liability can be mind-numbing.  Trying to navigate the ever-changing California market place while also working in other States is not the direction we want to go.  We want to be really, really good in this one market so we can be your point of benefits expertise.  In our view, a jack of all (insurance) trades and master of none is a recipe for disappointment if not disaster.  So, start with a license California Worker's Comp agent to get on the right track.  What do we do?

First, we start with the marketplace and quoting aspect.  Most business research Worker's Comp in California when they're coming up for annual renewal or just starting a company and find themselves (generally unexpected) in need of Worker's Comp fast!  Based on your company's situation (time in business, # of employees, comp history) we go out and quote the best-suited and most competitive carriers to match.  We focus on high qualify carriers to ensure you don't have surprises down the road but we also angle for the lowest cost possible on the market.  After all, you have plenty of business critical expenses that the Workers Comp is drawing from and we understand that.  The ability to quote multiple carriers under one roof is free to you and the turn around is very fast.  There is no quoting fee at all.  We figure that if we can provide you the best rate and the best service, you'll want to continue to work with us since the rate is identical through us versus direct with the carrier or other broker.  We want to earn your business this way.

During the application process, we'll walk you through it and also make sure that it is expedited as much as possible.  There are times when attention to detail are critical and California Worker's Comp underwriting and enrollment are top of that list.  Once we're enrolled, we continue to be your 3rd party advocate for membership issues that arise including how to address a claim.  Of course, 12 months later, we'll proactively make sure you still have best California Worker's Comp program and pricing at renewal.  That's just a given with us.  If anything, take advantage of our free quoting ability above and we'll get to work.  It's take a few minutes to request the quote and savings can be significant.  How can we help you get the best California Worker's Comp rate?

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